It’s amazing how people come into your life even when only for a short moment. I can’t remember how I began talking to the wonderful woman I met at Pottery Barn Kids. I was obviously visibly upset, and probably told her I was there to clear my mind of my mother-in-law issues. We immediately bonded and connected and began to share our stories. It’s mind-blowing how we had similar experiences and could immediately relate to one another despite having never met before that day. As she put it, “Honey, I understand”. It had taken her husband three years and three children to “get it”. We ended up embracing, and really feeling a sisterly bond despite not knowing each other, and having conversed only for a few moments. Her story and knowing that I wasn’t alone or crazy for having the feelings I had, really gave me the comfort and support I needed to go on with my day. Having this, and other like experiences is how The MIL Chronicles was born. I know a lot of women need a place where they can find comfort and a wider support system; where they have an outlet. The MIL Chronicles is that therapeutic outlet. It’s a place where girlfriends, fiance’s, and daughter-in-laws everywhere can bond and find comfort and support, while discussing various topics surrounding one fundamental issue, the complicated threesome between a husband, wife, and the “MIL”.  I invite all women to comment and share their thoughts and experiences on this site. My goal is that by discussing this very real issue, the unhealthy dynamic, and dysfunctional cycle will start to be broken and healing will ultimately take place. And my hope is that through reading other’s stories, daughter-in-laws everywhere will get the therapeutic release they need with an audience that … Continue reading