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This Privacy Policy applies only to The MIL The purpose of this policy is to disclose the Type of information we collect on this site, the Use of that information, and with whom we may Share that information.

The Type of Information Collected

Personal Information – Name, Email Address, Website

Demographic Information – Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Education, Household Income, Zip code etc.

*We may collect this information at various places on our site, including registration forms for newsletters, & blog polls.

The Use of the Information Collected

The MIL Chronicles uses the information you provide to either contact you through newsletters that you’ve elected to receive, and/or to provide you with updates or new information regarding our website.

In addition, the information you provide is used to better understand who is visiting our site and enjoying our content. We analyze this information to help us become better.

Please Note: If you submit a comment, photograph, video, or any other content on our site, it may or may not be used in, or on any other media outlet. By submitting comments and/or any other content, you agree that The MIL Chronicles, and the owner of The MIL Chronicles has the right to use your content in any way, and on or within any other outlet at any time.

The Sharing of the Information Collected

We do not and will not share your personal information (name, email address, website) with anyone. We may share general anonymous demographic information (gender, age, ethnicity, education, household income, zip code etc.) for the purposes of website analysis only as indicated above.

Notification of Changes and Acceptance of Privacy Policy

As needed, this Privacy Policy will be revised and/or updated. Please check back frequently to ensure you are fully aware of any and all changes. By using our website, you acknowledge your agreement to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

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