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How to Get to Your Place of Peace When Dealing with Difficult In-Laws



Forgive. I say this knowing first hand how incredibly difficult this one word can be. How can you possibly get to a place of forgiveness when the very painful past is still your present? When the person you need to forgive is the very person that continues to be rude and disrespectful without acknowledgment of their wrongdoing? The answer is two fold. First, and possibly most important, is that you forgive for yourself so that you aren’t constantly immersed in anger.

So you’re able to wake up with joy in your heart as opposed to replaying scenarios over and over in your head, as I’m guilty of doing, and getting upset again and again. Pent up anger is toxic for the soul and gives the other person power. Power to control your thoughts, your happiness, and your way of life.


Secondly, to forgive doesn’t mean that you forget, or that forgiveness is going to happen overnight. It actually means the opposite; that you must remember and that it can take time. As I discussed in my blog, “When Someone Shows You Who They are, Believe Them”, and my advice post, “One Question You Must Ask Yourself Before Moving Towards Forgiveness”, it’s very important that you accept people for who they’ve proved themselves to be. You must never forget the past as the past dictates how you approach the future, and the boundaries that will be needed to ensure you are respected moving forward.

And finally, take the time you need to heal and access how you can move forward, not for the other person, but for yourself.

Only when you’re truly able to forgive will you feel the sense of freedom and peace that’s possible. You will finally be able to exhale.


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