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A Wife’s Best Action Against a Difficult & Meddling Mother-in-Law



Boundaries. Unfortunately many times the wife is left to handle situations involving the mother-in-law for various reasons. If this is the case, your best hope at sanity is setting healthy boundaries. Boundaries are necessary to set the precedence of what you will and won’t allow, and/or tolerate, and to really to ensure all parties understand their place so to speak. Boundaries also ensure things don’t get so bad you become a ticking time bomb just waiting for the littlest opportunity to unleash years of pent up fury on your MIL.

Some mother-in-laws may not take too kindly to actually being told “no”, as the very mother-in-laws that need boundaries are the ones that are used to being able to do and say as they please without repercussion. They usually don’t understand the concept of respecting others choices and decisions, or allowing people to have “their time.” They have a sense of entitlement and are typically very overbearing in general.

And while you may think that overtime things will get better, or eventually your spouse will “see the light” and actually put their foot down; to the contrary, without boundaries, things will undoubtedly get progressively worse. And you’ll likely be left feeling like you have no say in what goes on in your household on any accord, and like you’re screaming at the top of your lungs inside with no one able to hear you. Setting boundaries isn’t a bad thing. And it doesn’t mean that you are being antagonistic by saying no. As an adult, boundaries show that you’re able to stand up for yourself, and stand your ground overall. It lets it be known that you demand respect and should no longer be viewed as a child.


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